• Astrological Predictions

    Astrology is known as a science in studying the positions of the Sun, the Moon, and the planets in the sky. This study consists of the explanation of how issues on the Earth correlate with the movements and positions of the planets and the celestial body. Through observing the planets’ position at the accurate moment of a person’s date of birth, astrologers might predict his/her characteristic, behaviors, and even about events that can happen in his/her life.

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    Astrological Predictions

    How to apply Astrology for predictions?

    The astrologers apply various techniques so that they can “see the future” of a person and then produce the predictions. The techniques include transits, solar arc directions, synastry charts, secondary progression, natal charts, and solar return charts.

    The transit chart is considered as the most critical astrological technique for giving the predictions, and it’s made from the birth chart. The transit chart points out the planets’ positions in the future in accordance with the person’s birth date. By observing the angles and the respective positions from the transit chart to the birth chart, the astrologers enable to foretell about events-to-be as well as producing correct prophecies for each individual.

    In addition, there are still some predictions that are relied on other elements in the sky! Let’s look at some information below!

    • Vedic Planets

    In the Vedic Astrology, there are 9 planets in total. They consist of Mercury, Mars, Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Moon, and Ketu. And these planets control 12 signs. By studying these planets, the astrologers will reveal about your outlook, traits, and behaviors.

    • Birth star Details

    According to Indian Astrology, Birth star is described as an exclusive tool to foretell all about you. It plays a vital role in order to disclose about your prosperity, success, and happiness. Just supply your birth date to get the accurate information related to your traits, outlook, behavior, love, health, luck, and so on.

    • Moon sign astrology

    In Indian Astrology, the place that the Moon was put at the time of your birth date is called the Moon sign astrology. Any astrologer who studies this technique could give information about your own characteristics, appearance, and indications. Furthermore, you also receive daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly predictions for the Moon sign.

    • Numerology

    Some astrological websites provide the numbers’ meanings in the Numerology field. You enable to receive the astrological predictions about relationship, work, health, marriage, and so on through interpreting 9 numbers.

    So, all the readers, don’t be reluctant to ask us anything you want to know about “Astrological Predictions”. We’re glad to help you anytime. Please fill out a box below!

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