Astrological Compatibility

Some suppose that the way the stars align will help to determine their destinies or impact their life cycles in general. Although no scientific evidence tends to back up astrology, it may still be an interesting method of taking a different look at life. Don’t worry! An astrological compatibility report could offer some fascinating insights into our relationship.

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How To Obtain Free Astrological Compatibility Report?

Step 1
Determine the complete birth data for us and our sweetheart. This contains time and location of birth, which will help us get the most information from a compatibility report.

Astrological Compatibility

Step 2
Spend time in downloading Astro123 or AstroWin from the AstroWin site, please! These programs will do the calculations for us and own the built-in text reports useful to interpret our charts. After that, install the program, enter the full birth data of both us and our partner, and then see the reports.

Once analyzing the compatibility report of astrology program, we should know that it is merely computer-generated. Thus, each factor in the compatibility report tends to be independently analyzed with others, instead of being synthesized with them. It is better for us to expect contradictions.

Step 3
In, don’t hesitate to create a free account. What’s next? We should click on “Free Horoscopes”, and then access “Interactive Horoscopes.” Pick out either “AstroClick Love” or “AstroClick Partner” for the analysis of our love matches and their possibilities. Another recommendation about offering FREE horoscopes and downloads is World of Wisdom.

Step 4
It is time to become a membership of the active astrology forum online, like If possible, we should take time to learn more about “synastry” (chart comparison), and “composite charts” (merging 2 charts into 1). After partaking and contributing to the discussions for time, we are allowed to ask for a compatibility session. Don’t forget that a great astrologer, even one who is not an expert, may provide us with more fascinating insights than a computerized reading.

Warnings and Tips

  • Astrology compatibility reports could be carried out for almost all types of relationships, not romantic bonds only.
  • Enjoy astrology reports at no cost freely, but please don’t take them into practice seriously.
  • In astrology, compatibility often goes beyond the Sun signs. The other factors in the chart also bear strong effects. In addition to the well-known Sun sign, an individual also owns the moon sign – a rising sign, more and more.

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