• Astrological Sign Dates

    On Earth, life is supposed to be governed by the celestial bodies, such as planets and stars. The Zodiac is generally comprised of 12 different sun signs in which each designated to one constellation has specific personality traits and characteristics. Based on everyone’s date and month of birth, they are said to belong to different certain zodiac signs.

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    Basically, the 12 different signs include Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, and they all tend to be determined by the 4 key elements, such as air, water, earth, and fire. Such the elements will play a huge role in identifying the humans’ behaviors and lifestyles, remember!

    According to astrological reports, zodiac signs shall be identified by the position of the Sun at the moment when a person was born. Every sign is associated with a set of characteristics specific to this sign. The Zodiac is split into twelve periods where each part is designated with a certain sign.

    Astrological Sign Dates

    Nevertheless, if one was born at the beginning or the end of a zodiac (around the moment where a sign changes, for example), she is said often to be born on a Cusp. The term “cusp”, in Astrology, implies an imaginary line, which often separates the twelve houses of the Zodiac. Please bear in mind that individuals who are born on Cusps will show off personality traits of both the signs. Cusp and its concept are still debatable. While some astrologers put trust in the belief that the Sun could be in only one house at a moment, others have a tendency to believe in the transition phase of the Sun.

    Astrological Sign Dates – Sun Sign Decanates

    Every sign consists of thirty degrees of the zodiac wheel, so for every sign, the range of dates will be divided into 3 groups. Consult the table for more clarification now!

    Sun Sign

    1st Decanate

    2nd Decanate

    3rd Decanate


    Mar 21 – Mar 30

    Mar 31 – Apr 9

    Apr 10 – Apr 19


    Apr 20 – Apr 30

    May 1 – May 10

    May 11 – May 20


    May 21 – May 30

    May 31 – Jun 9

    Jun 10 – 20 Jun


    Jun 21 – Jun 30

    Jul 1 – Jul 11

    Jul 12 – Jul 22


    Jul 23 – Aug 1

    Aug 2 – Aug 12

    Aug13 – Aug22


    Aug 23 – Sep 2

    Sep 3 – Sep 12

    Sep 13 – Sep22


    Sep 23 – Oct 2

    Oct 3 – Oct 12

    Oct 13 – Oct 22


    Oct 23 – Nov 1

    Nov 2 – Nov 11

    Nov 12 – Nov 21


    Nov 22 – Dec 1

    Dec 2 – Dec 11

    Dec 12 – Dec 21


    Dec 22 – Dec 31

    Jan 1 – Jan 10

    Jan 11 – Jan 19


    Jan 20 – Jan 29

    Jan 30 – Feb 8

    Feb 9 – Feb 18


    Feb 19 – Feb 28

    Mar 1 – Mar 10

    Mar 11 – Mar 20

    Table 1: Zodiac Sun Sign Decanates

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